About Us

We at TREEZE are experts in Tree Lopping and Removal Services in Perth & Peel Regions of Western Australia. We provide an all-encompassing Arboricultural service in Perth & Peel regions of Western Australia. We can safely remove hazardous trees making your surrounding environments safe for your business or your family. We are also specialised in stump grinding and removal services. Our experts are trained in the use of the right equipment and protective gear required for the job. We value health and safety and most importantly the health and peace of mind of our community is important to us.
Call us in so we can make your environment a safe haven for your family and community.

Our Mission

At TREEZE Professional Tree Management in Perth & Peel Regions of Western Australia, we get the job done in a breeze so you can ensure your mind is at ease.


From quote to job completion we pride ourselves in offering an extensive range of professional tree services across Perth and the surrounding suburbs. At TREEZE we ensure OHS industry standards are maintained for all our clients, their property, workers, and the public.